Investigating the health of global

freshwater ecosystems

FreshWater Watch

A global citizen science project from Earthwatch Europe.

It has never been so important to protect our freshwater resources.

Nearly all freshwater environments are impacted by man-made pollutants and by 2050 nearly half of the world's population will be living in areas where water is scarce.

We created FreshWater Watch so that everyone across the globe can monitor the health of the lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and reservoirs upon which we all depend.

Citizen science specialists

Join our network of volunteer groups and research institutions who are exploring specific freshwater issues.


Partnering with business

Find out what we can offer your business, from bespoke research opportunities to immersive employee engagement.


Working with the water industry

Learn how FreshWater Watch is helping the water industry to engage with communities and monitor ecosystem health.


31599 data sets collected to date

FreshWater Watchers have been uploading valuable data, including nitrate and phosphate levels, turbidity, and visual factors, since 2012.

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