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Thank you for your interest in FreshWater Watch. We provide an online platform and training for community groups to run their own local monitoring projects, while still contributing to our global dataset. Earthwatch Europe is a non-profit charity so we charge a subscription fee for this service, to cover the costs of running and maintaining our data platform. This fee allows us to make updates and provide support, making sure that you have the best experience and are able to utilise your data in the most impactful way.

Before completing the enquiry form to register your interest, please refer to our Information Pack and FAQs.


  • I have a specific question in mind that data collection would help to answer
  • I have local interest and volunteers who would be willing to collect data regularly
  • I have access to funding so that monitoring can continue long-term
  • I have a willingness to check my group data and make sure it’s being uploaded correctly
  • I have basic I.T. skills and internet access to upload my group data and utilise the platform.

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