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Join people across the globe and help monitor our fresh waterways.

Many of the tributaries leading into the Thames from the Upper Thames Catchment are failing the EU Water Framework Directive as they are polluted or  failing for fish and invertebrate's.
Currently the restoration of the Upper Thames waterways and ditches is being carried out  largely through Countryside Stewardship. 
We are looking for people whom have a waterway flowing through their property or in their neighbourhood  who would like to sample the water either as an individual or as part of a group and upload the data to the FreshWater Watch website
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Whilst projects in the Upper Thames are progressing to help restore and maintain water courses and ditches through Countryside Stewardship there is a lot more work to be done through raising awareness of the problems arising from water quality and an opportunity to train people to monitor the health of the water so as potential risks can be reduced. We are very happy that you have expressed an interest in signing up to the project and by emailing Joanne Leigh we can send out a water testing kit so as you can start as soon as possible.

Monitoring the health of the water  course four times a year will provide vital information as to what is going on in that water course and how we can improve it to increase fish numbers and quality.