New FreshWater Watch App

Dear FreshWater Watchers,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the FreshWater Watch app. The app is only available to FWW members and contains some significant updates to both the design and function of the app. The updates are intended to make the app more intuitive and user-friendly, and to reduce the potential for bugs to creep in to the system.

We recommend that all users install the latest version (version 4 for iOS users and version 3.0.11 for Android users).

COVID-19 shows us the value of clean water…but how are we going to protect it?

Every year on 5 May, the World Health organisation marks World Hand Hygiene Day.

Earthwatch launches plastic footprint calculator

Plastic is fantastic! It's helped us to develop all sorts of new technologies and provided all sorts of benefits to our societies. But using it for single-use items, like food containers, has created a huge global problem. Plastics are not compostable, they don't break down in our environment into something useable by our soils and water sediments, they just get smaller and smaller. Even this process can take hundreds of years, meaning we are drowning in ugly and toxic waste.

Winter 2019 Project Update

FreshWater Watchers may have noticed a couple of new things have sprung up in the last couple of weeks.

Fisherman Investigates Murky Waters

In early 2016, one of our current citizen scientists, John Pratt, sought advice from the UK’s national Environment Agency to explain why his local River Evenlode had turned increasingly murky in the summer months over the 27-year period that he had been fishing there. John decided to do something about what he saw, and has written about his experiences.