Support us

As a charity, we are dependent on income to keep FreshWater Watch running. Each group using FreshWater Watch needs test kits, training and access to our online platform. We are approached by over 100 community groups each year who want to start using FreshWater Watch. As these groups have minimal funding they are often unable to establish a project.

We would like to be able to host annual rounds of applications for new FreshWater Watch projects, enabling the winners to join FreshWater Watch free of charge. Your support could help us do this. £90,000 would enable us to support 30 new projects, empowering communities and improving freshwater environments across the UK and beyond. Get in contact with the Earthwatch team today to discuss opportunities.

Why support FreshWater Watch?

FreshWater Watch is a unique and proven global project that enables us to:

  • engage a wide range of people with the complicated issues facing fresh water, in a fun and interactive way
  • educate people on the importance of fresh water, promoting responsible water use and stewardship
  • connect individuals and communities with their local freshwater environment – this connection to nature and the community has been shown to improve mental health and well-being
  • identify areas of pollution and declining ecosystem health, enabling targeted mitigation efforts by water authorities, landowners, businesses and local communities
  • inform local and national policies and strategies to protect and restore freshwater environments
  • allow public sharing of data, giving a voice to all and building an open picture of water health.