Summer holiday...

We’ve come to the end of our first few months of CSL days in the UK and are now on the ‘summer break’ until September. I’ve really enjoyed every day I’ve done so far, whether it be in London or Leeds. The training sites in each city are very different but I like both for the fact that they provide green space in areas where you wouldn’t think there would be any. I’ve yet to come across a CSL who knew about the sites before they visited, even if they only live or work up the road.

Test page

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A first attempt at blogging...

So, hero scientist then? That’s a lot to live up to. And I can’t help but get Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ in my head every time I say that. Hopefully you have it in your head now too…


Chilly Mursley!

Well, thankfully, the weather has warmed up a fair bit since I took my water sample in Mursley, Buckinghamshire back in early March! It was so cold, in fact, that I had to (safely) break some ice to get to my sample and the gloves didn't offer much protection against the chilly water.

The water body itself is a 'newly-created' area located in a field belonging to my parents-in-law. The area (coincidentally next to Mursley's iconic water tower) is naturally low-lying and boggy so a natural pond has been created to attract wildlife and promote biodiversity.

Website Update

Things are starting to move really quickly on the website..hopefully we will soon have a fully operation site.  As part of this process I am going to be testing the following:

  • Blog Posts
  • Discussion Forums
  • Profile set up