Early results show increased N & P at sewage treatment works outfall Fornham All Saints


The uploading of these results have been delayed by the problems with FWW i-Phone App and so have been manually input through the website at a later date.

Two sites have now been surveyed above and below a major sewage treatment works outfall on the River Lark, although this is just a single survey; the sites were within 300m of each other and taken within an hour of each other.

The Upstream site had a result of N = 5-10 And P = 0.05-0.1

Excited! First sampling date.

Last Monday was a public holiday in the Netherlands, and none of us were able to sample at any of the other days, so we postponed our sampling with a week. 

The weather was excellent and when we arrived a lot of ducks were swimming on the pond. It was good we took a picture, since they left pretty soon after our arrival. I had hoped to hear any evidence of frogs or toads, but we didn't. 

About Myths and Legends

Coming from a country where 3.4% of the population descend directly from one of the 86 indigenous ethnicities that have been recognised by the national government, I thought it would be interesting to share in this blog some of the magic and mystery behind these groups and their beliefs regarding water.

Before you start thinking you will be reading over 86 stories I must let you know that in this particular blog that won’t be the case (sad eh!). You will only be reading three very small stories that I happen to find highly captivating.

Freshwater and Citizen Science: A Research Hackathon

It’s been a while since I wrote! For which I am quite ashamed. However, I’m pleased to say that for the most part it is with good reason as we have been extremely busy relaunching the FWW platform, carrying out research using the data the FWW community has collected (see: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/00489697/vsi/10LXJ6J513J, and a second special issue on its way), and looking ahead to see how FWW can better meet user requirements amongst other things.

Why I love wetlands

Wetlands not wastelands.  

Wetlands are great and the foundation of life.  They also provide me with great enployement oppourtuities.