Water industry

FreshWater Watch is perfectly suited for the water industry to use as a method for engaging customers and communities, understanding local issues, and as a tool for monitoring ecosystem health and enabling targeted remedial action.

FreshWater Watch is accessible to a wide audience and its participants develop an interest and understanding of the importance of fresh water. Communities are empowered to become stewards of their own environment. Additionally, the data collected can provide an early warning system for the water company, identifying areas of chronic pollution and declining ecosystem health and enabling prompt and targeted mitigation efforts.

Thames Water, UK

At Earthwatch, we recognise the importance of working with water companies to help make sure that water and sewage are managed carefully. That’s why we’re working with Thames Water, to engage with local communities and help protect fresh water across the Thames Valley.

Earthwatch and Thames Water are working with stakeholders from the Evenlode Catchment Partnership to help them take an active role in water management. As part of this, we have trained ‘Catchment Champions’, providing members of the public with the skills needed to monitor local water quality over a 12-month period.

The 2020 Thames WaterBlitz will be the tenth event of its kind supported by Thames Water.


Central Water Authority, Mauritius

Earthwatch, along with the Mauritius Central Water Authority, trained 40 young people - mostly Scouts - to study eutrophication within small water bodies. These FreshWater Watchers worked with small farmers to reduce the impacts of their nitrogen use and storage on freshwater resources. They were supported by a local biologist and bank to monitor baseline conditions and propose potential load reduction methods. With the support of Earthwatch’s corporate partners HSBC, they then worked with farmers to develop the approved ideas.

Following the monitoring, and in partnership with the Mauritius Minister of Agriculture, a test was designed to validate effectiveness of the load reduction methods used.


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